Welcome to the Customer Service site of Allview in Spain

Through this platform you can send us your comments and requests and make a complete description of your device's problema.
Please keep in mind that:

  • We use tickets to provide a better service.
  • Each request is assigned with a unique ticket number.
  • This ticket number will be your reference to track the status of your request.
  • For your convenience, you will have Access, all time, to your messages and our responses through this platform by using your ticket number and email.
  • You can use our support platform whether you own a Allview phone as if you are a distributor or wholesaler and need support for any of your customers.

The provisions of the EU Regulation regarding the general data protection (GDPR) shall be applicable starting with May 25, 2018. This offers your data a higher degree of security and protection. Certain information about you can be collected, such as: name, social security number, email address, phone number, etc.

When opening a solicitation, please give us your consent in order to allow us to correctly implement these regulations.

If you wish for us to delete the collected personal data, please send us a request at office@allview.ro from your email account used for the solicitation, along with the ticket number.